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Colourful Glacier Melting


o   8 to 12 “ balloons

o   Dropper or paint brush

o   Liquid water or food coloring

o   Tray or baking sheets

o   Vinegar, rock salt, table salt, sugar, glitter

o   A pitcher of water



1.     Fill balloons with water, tie end in knot and freeze over night in the freezer add small items in the balloon ex. Small heart, small animals, dinosaur, a bead. (anything can be used)

2.     When rock solid, take out and peel off the rubber balloon

3.     Put ice ball on tray and let children drip food coloring onto the ball to see patterns of color

4.     Add vinegar, rock salt, table salt, a pitcher of water, sugar, glitter

5.     Ask children to use the materials provided to make a hole in their glacier and see if they can get items out.


** Note:  ages 3 and 4 could do this activity but would limit the number of materials given. Also this could be done with younger children by adding salt to the top of ball and adding a few drops of food coloring. Children could touch the ball and watch as the colors work their way down into the ball.



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