PiCS Professional Development Series

PiCS offer several free 2 hour educational sessions referred to as the PiCS Professional Development Series, as well as full day conferences. These educational events focus on early childhood topics such as early childhood development, sector specific themes, professional growth and workplace related issues.

This is a comprehensive list of educational events presented to educators and parents free of charge since 2011:

  • Communication & Positive Attitude
  • Program Directing: 2 Part Series
  • Kids Have Stress Too: 3 Part Series
  • Observations and Assessment
  • Positive Communication
  • Conflict Resolution when working with children
  • Children who use externalizing behaviours
  • Child Sexuality(Staff/Parents)
  • Creativity
  • Rhyming
  • Mind•Body•Spirit
  • Practical Curriculum Programming Ideas and Activities
  • Transitions – Smooth Sailing or Daily Struggle
  • Inclusion in the classroom
  • Book Club:The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership
  • Managing Behaviours
  • Toddler talk or How to enhance communication development with toddlers
  • Beyond baby talk or How to enhance communication development with babies
  • Sharing sensitive news with parents
  • Autism
  • A child at heart
  • Dealing with negativity in the workplace-2 Part Series
  • The power of documentation
  • EPYC Cafe
  • Inspire and Share
  • After school curriculum
  • Early childhood language and literacy:  Sharing and encouraging stories
  • Book Club Part 2
  • ABC and Beyond
  • Sharing sensitive news with parents
  • Educators Discussion Workshops
  • Roundtable sessions
  • The Dynamics of sexual assault/abuse
  • Recognizing and responding to abuse
  • Addressing trauma and child reactions to trauma
  • Reconnecting with the soul of ECE
  • Helping children a mindset for success and wellbeing (Parents)
  • Leadership
  • Anxiety/depression/self esteem:The impact on children
  • The Transition to School Program
  • Human Resource Management – It’s More Than Hiring
  • Multicultural Child Care
  • Art & Creativity
  • Kids Have Stress Too
  • Managing Children’s Behaviours
  • Consider Healing Yourself: Exploring Holistic Health
  • Food Prep 101:  Diary Of A Childcare Cook
  • Documentation
  • Program Directing - Cultivating Your Leadership
  • Transition To School Part 1: Early Years Evaluation – Direct Assessment and Part 2: Curriculum Connections
  • Book Corner: “Mindset” Implications For The Classroom
  • Developing Relationships With Children Through Positive Communication
  • Programming For Children With Exceptionalities
  • Observation & Assessment
  • Bits & Bites: Ideas & Techniques Relevant To The Preparation Of Meals And Snacks
  • Show ‘N Share
  • Literacies: More Than Reading And Writing
  • Character In Action: Exploring Professional Development Bullying
  • Managing Negative Behaviors
  • Infants: Engaging In Play
  • Engaging Parents In The Curriculum:  Yes-- You Can Achieve All Four Goals
  • Programming For School Testing
  • Children And Depression
  • Applying The Curriculum To Infants
  • El Pasa Nada:  A Teacher’s Journey Into A Child’s Integration
  • Children And Self Esteem
  • Literacies: More Than Reading And Writing
  • The New Brunswick Transition To School Program Part 1 - Building Connections Between Schools And Child Care Centres and Part 2 - Building Bridges To  Support Children
  • Taking Care Of “Me” Too
  • Food Prep: Ideas And Advice
  • Programming For Children With Special Needs
  • If It Hurts, It’s Wrong: Bullying Prevention & Intervention In Child Care



2011 - Humour in the Workplace

2012 - Excellence in Early Childhood

2013 - The Value of Emergent Curriculum

2014 - Supporting Child Led Play

2015 – Children Making Choices

2016 – Learn. Grow. Succeed

2017 - Dancing with the Curriculum

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