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Education. Professionalism. & Young Children – Established in 2006, EPYC is the passion, commitment and dedication of early childhood educators in action. Operators of early childhood care and education centers in Southeast New Brunswick meet to discuss the professional issues of the day. Their goal is to improve the quality of the services they offer to young children and their families by working together as a team, sharing information, networking, and organizing mutually beneficial events and opportunities for training and professional development.


Our Mandate

A volunteer organization that‘s region based working together to improve the early childhood sector through advocacy, education, government relations, networking and stakeholder/peer to peer consultations.


Our Mission

Dedicated to improving the quality of the early childhood sector,

Raising and enhancing public awareness, 

Increasing sector recognition and;

Actively promoting professional development.


Our Vision

  • To have a respected, recognized profession by all
  • To elevate EPYC’s status
  • To raise the level of the early childhood sector
  • To participate, collaborate and engage completely with stakeholders


Our Values

  • Evolve, progress and promote positive change
  • Build relationships
  • Accept responsibility for our actions
  • Uphold and sustain our trust and reputation as a professional early childhood organization
  • Bring individual powers/skills together as a team to promote professionalism within early childhood education
  • Promote the mission, vision and objectives of EPYC

DISCLAIMER: Please note the information contained on this website including but not limited to links to other websites/ documents/materials/resources as well as provided materials/documents and resources have not been verified to be truthful, accurate or correct, etc. We are not responsible for any misleading or misinformation.  EPYC makes every effort to ensure that content placed on the website by EPYC website administrator is compelete, truthful, accurate and non misleading, however EPYC does not guarantee that the information on this website is complete, true, accurate, or non mis-leading.  EPYC will not be liable to you in relation to the contents of, or use of, or otherwise in connection with, this website.  



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